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The enormous wealth, quality and variety of both products and Andalusian cuisine itself, make Andalusian Gastronomy one of the most complete in the country without a doubt, although there are still those who consider it as a younger sister of other better-known ones. , or with better marketing. And, of course, Sevillian tablecloths offer a succulent and extensive collection of samples in which traditional recipes are collected and recovered, while investing in creativity.

From the renowned fish and seafood of our coasts to the tasty meats with designation of origin, passing through vegetables and legumes, fruit of authentic luxury, artisan cheeses, the much appreciated traditional sweet shop, etc.

The Andalusian pantry is a real treasure and a legitimate pride that is reflected in a recipe book as original as it is varied and that you can savor in any of our restaurants, wrapped by the already proverbial warmth and friendliness of this land.

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